Give your child the cuddliest companions with this set of Expression Babies Plush Dolls! With their super-soft bodiesthese 6 culturally diverse babies promote identifying and labeling common feelings. This set of huggable babies feature affixed hair and unique facial expressionseach perfect for little ones to love. The babies come with removable sleep sacks and cloth bodies with the softest feel for fostering nurturing and self-help skills in the youngest learners. Each surface washable doll is 7"H. The set includes 6 dolls with removeable sleep sacks and 1 carry-along tote. Great for all agesthese Expression Babies help make learning fun! Constructive Playthings is committed to providing safecompliant products and a healthysafe working environment worldwide. We require that all products meet all applicable federal regulationswhich we review on a continuous basis

ENCOURAGE MENTAL HEALTH Emotion baby dolls encourage children of all ages to identify and label common feelings. Each doll features a unique facial expression that represents an identifiable emotion
SENSORY PLAY These cuddle-friendly soft fabric babies come with removable sleep sacks and promote self-regulation through active sensorial play
HANDS ON Learn hands on with your kids - these dolls enhance young children's social-emotional learning through hands-on play
LEARNING TOOL Educational toys like these help young children verbalize feelings while building a capacity to demonstrate empathy
EASY CARE Dolls feature machine surface washable cloth making hands on play funeasy stress-free!

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Constructive Playthings CP039 Expression Babies Plush Dolls Super Soft Baby Dolls Set 6 Piece Set for All Ages Stuffed Animals Teddy Bears gray ZlRnsDuV9

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