New Scruff-a-Luv Mermaid Babies with sparkly tails and new shell carry case! There are 6 new species to collect including Mermaid BearMermaid Pig Mermaid Parrot! Which Mermaid Baby will you rescue NEW Ultra Rare species. With the chance to find 3 different Ultra Rare Scruff-a-Luv Mermaid Babies - Mermaid FawnMermaid Dolphin Mermaid Unicorn Open their shell carry case with the fish key! NEW Rub to reveal allows you to reveal your Scruff-a-Luv Babies without any water! Turn your Babies from Scruffy to Fluffy by grooming them with the included octopus comb!

The Mermaid Babies have been abandoned and taken shelter inside their little shell carry case. They need your help to save and care for them.
Each shell carry case comes with its own special Fish Key! Use the key to unlock the shell to find out which Mermaid Baby is waiting to be rescued.
All with beautiful shiny Mermaid tailsthese Mermaid Babies have arrive as a matted ball of furand in their mouth is an Octopus comb.
Pull and twist the Octopus out of their mouth to reveal the animal you have rescued. Then use their toy comb to groom and brush your baby to change them from scruffy to fluffy. There are 21 new sparkly Mermaid Babies to rescue!
Discover CommonUncommonRare and even Ultra Rare Babies to reveal and adopt!

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Collect ScruffaLuvs Mermaid Babies Adorable Mermaid Babies are Waiting for You to Rescue Them Lots to One Sent at Random Plush Figures Bumpy t4t9uzDWW

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