Puff fist! This bag of crunchy cheesy snacks that everyone loves is stuffed with a single plush puffit's amazing! Sorrythis delicious world cheese puffs plush is not edible. Collect the whole delicious world gang!

Name Puff snack pillow
Material Fabric Spandex Super Soft Cotton VelvetFilling Down Cotton
Product size large size 4838cm9 small ballssmall puff size 10cm; small size 4033cm6 small ballssmall puff size 10cm
Function pillow/back pillow/nap/gift
Note There is a ringing paper inside the small puffsthere will be a small noise when you pinch itwhich can attract the baby's attention or tease the cat.

Package includes
6pc Cheesy Puffs Plush balls
9pc Cheesy Puffs Plush balls

Quality-Extremely soft high-quality cotton; environmentally friendlynon-toxicno peculiar smellsafe to play. Skin-friendly fabrics bring you a better skin touch.
Unique design-Lovely shapevivid imagesuperb craftsmanshipsuperb sewing craftsmanship and exquisite craftsmanship. This pet toy has strong durability and is suitable for hugs.
Accompaniment-Put this cute pillow in the roomwhen you are under pressureyou can also pinch them to release the pressurenot easy to deform.
Use-Don't miss it for family/friends! Suitable for bedroomliving roomhomeofficeetc. Can accompany you or your friends to spend a lonely time.
Perfect gift-This plush doll is suitable as a gift for anyonesoft and cutemaking people love it. It is also a good companion for travel.

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Cheesy Puffs Plush Toy Stuffed Soft Snack Pillow Plush Puff Toy Cushion Delicious Food Dessert Package Puff Cheese Puff Stuffed Toy Game Pillow 9 Balls Plush Pillows Black HH6Elhphi

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