2 PERFECT SIZES Pluto 7 inches (from Head to Feet) and Charon 6 inches (from Head to Feet). Pluto is a dwarf with a heart! Charon is one of Plutos 5 moons. Because this dwarf planet and this moon revolve around each otherthey are sometimes called a double planet. Pluto Charon are attached together with magnets. They are the perfect size for hugging and are both very easy for children to carry. They also make adorable room decorations for kids who love space!
SAFETY These plush celestial bodies are made from softhuggable all new polyester material that meets US and EU CPSC toy regulations.
GREAT GIFT The expressive faces and realistic details make Pluto Charon fun companions. These adorable plush toys will expand your childrens interest in spaceastronomy and science. They are a great gift for anyone of any age who loves space.
EDUCATIONAL Pluto and Charons hang tags provide fun educational facts including ageweightdiameterorbital periods and more. Offers plenty of conversation starters for you and your child about sciencespace and astronomy.
WASHING TIPS For longer companionshipyou should spot clean these two with mild detergent and cold water. You may wash Pluto Charon in the washing machine in cold watergentle cycle if needed. Best to dry at low or no heat in a pillowcase or similarto reduce the risk of scratching the eyes.

2 PERFECT SIZES 7 plush Pluto 6 plush Charon are huggable sizes and attach with safe magnets.
SAFETY Made from softall new polyester material that meets US EU CPSC toy regulations. Age 0+.
GREAT GIFT For anyone who loves space! Expand your kids interest in spaceastronomy science.
EDUCATIONAL Hang tags provide fun educational facts including ageweightorbital period more.
WASHING TIPS Spot clean with mild detergent cold water; machine wash cold watergentle cycle.

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Celestial Buddies Pluto Charon Buddies Science Astronomy Space Solar System Educational Plush Toy Stuffed Animals Teddy Bears pack Red 6S55Kwr9f

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