At Cart Adventurewe strive to create high qualitycute and fun toys for all children. Our campfire play set is a great addition to every child's toybox and the perfect way to bring a campfire right to your home! The large set is equipped with everything your child needs to build their very own fireroast marshmallows and eat pretend smores right in their bedroom or tent!

Not only will kids love this setbut parents will too! The campfire is a great way to interact and play with your children along with teaching them about the outdoors and making smores! Your little camper will love the play campfire and because we have avoided hard materials from the setyou can be rest assured that your little wont get hurt.

Because we know every kid will love the set and and will want to bring it with them wherever they gowe have included a travel bag for easy travel and storage. The bag is durable and easily fits all the piecesmaking packing it a breeze! Not only can the bag be used for travelbut also for storage. The set can be a great way to teach your kids cleanup too!

We believe every child will love this setwhich makes it a great gift for any event or holiday! Whether you're looking for a birthday or Christmas gift for your kidsfriends or family memberthe Cart Adventure campfire set is a great and unique option.

Large Rock Base!

One rock base to hold all of the logs and flames to build the perfect campfire! No need to worry about losing any rocks because they are all connected.

Four Wood Logs!

Four real looking logs and one stick to help create the perfect wood stack! Softbut firm enough to stack and hold in placemaking it easy for every child to stack together.

Three Fire Flames!

Three large flames that have a realistic look! The fire flames are lightweight and built to stand easily. Use one for a small fire or all three for a larger one.

Pretend Chocolate Graham Crackers!

Four graham crackers and two chocolate bars to go with their campfire. Made out of a thick feltyour kids will love having a pretend snack to go along with their campfire set!

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks!

Two marshmallows and two roasting sticks so your child can cook their very own marshmallows over the fire. Your kids will feel like they are making real s'mores!

Included Carrying Bag!

We have included a canvas bag for easy travel and storage. Your child will love the campfire set and we want them to be able to bring it with them wherever they go! All pieces easily fit the strong carrying bag.

Soft Safe Material!

Every piece of our play campfire set is made with safer materials. Not only is the outside softbut the insides are stuffed with foam to avoid dangerous materials like hard wood or plastic. We wanted to make sure your child is safe while playingthrowing or putting parts in their mouths.

Durable Long Lasting!

Not only are the materials made with a soft materialthey are also tough and built to last. We know how hard kids can play with their toysso we made sure that all the materials are thick and have strong stitching.

Imaginative Play!

Your kids will love making their own campfires at home! Our set is the perfect way to ignite children's imagination. Whether they are in their bedroomtenthomemade fort or outsidethey easily imagine themselves campingbuilding a real fire and roasting marshmallows! This is the perfect way for your child to use their imaginations and have a great time with the siblings or friends!

Great Gift Idea!

The perfect gift for your sondaughterniecenephew or children's friends! Whether you need a birthday or Christmas presentour campfire toy set is a great option!

19 PIECE SET The camping toy set includes all of the pieces that your children need to build there pretend camp fire! The kit includes plush logsrockssticksmarshmallows and felt graham crackers. We have also included a canvas bag that makes the set portable for travel or for easy storage inside your child's bedroom or playpen!
IMAGINATION PLAY Your little camper will love this cute stuffed campfire playset! This is the perfect addition to your kids tentkids playhouse or kids teepee. Bring more fun to your homenursery or play room. Great new gift for learning about the outdoors and lighting your children's imagination!
HIGH QUALITY DURABLE The set is equipped with the best high quality materials and strong stitching to help it last for years to come whether being used indoors or outside in the yard. We want your toddlers to use the realistic playset daily without the worry of them breaking down or the stuffing coming out.
SOFT SAFE MATERIAL All of the pieces are made with a super soft felt material and filled with a plush pillow stuffing. No woodplastic or sharp edges to worry about. Whether the set is used for play or for decorwe want your child to create fun memories while avoiding harmful materials.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE We know your little boy or girl will love our plush campfire set and guarantee they will enjoy building a bonfire and roasting their very own marshmallows. Great way to interact with your children and teaching them about campingcooking smores and the spirit of the outdoors!

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Cart Adventure Kids Pretend Plush Campfire and SMores Toy Set Fun Indoor Camping Accessories Fake Fire Logs Stones and SMores for Imagination Play Set for Learning The Outdoors or Decor Plush Figures Green JpEI8B2Pu

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