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Although soft toys are often seen as cute and adorable playthings for childrenthere's a reason why they latch onto these toys. It's because these cuddly plushies can provide warmth and comfort to our babies during stressful situations that they can't fully express.Soif you want to give your toddlers an educational gift that they'll enjoywhy not give it in the form of their favorite toy There are a lot of plushies designed to teach our little ones in simple wayssuch as these adorable talking toys!

Familiarize your child with different sounds using the Bundaloo Plush Jungle Animals Set!

Teach kids the unique noises that animals make using our collection of speaking plushies. Each set comes with 4 adorable animalsincluding a growling tigera roaring liona hooting monkeyand an elephant that trumpets whenever your child presses or squeezes on them!More than thatyour young ones can use these animalswhich are approximately 4.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches wideto immerse in pretend play by acting like the toys are talking or playing with each other. Doing so helps them develop their social skills and lays the foundation for chatting with other people.The best thing about our set is that it comes with a safari truck-style carrier that can fit all the stuffies. This bag has a zippered cover with a handle so you can bring your child's toys whenever you travel out of town or when you visit a playmate!

Still not convinced Here are more reasons to get these plushies

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fun for girls and boys
  • 100% safe for kids

SOFT JUNGLE FRIENDS FOR KIDS - Give your little ones a cuddly toy that they'll enjoy playing. Our 5-piece set plushie comes with a soft tigerlionmonkeyand elephant plush toys.
FUN WAY TO LEARN ABOUT ANIMALS - Introduce your toddlers to different sounds using our talking animal toys. Each animal makes its own adorable realistic sound every time your child squeezes them.
KEEP PLAYROOMS CLEAN ORGANIZED - Are your kids done playing Store their safari stuffed toys with ease in the safari truck -style zippered bag. Each one can hold all 4 soft toysso they stay in one place.
TRAVEL WITH YOUR TOYS - Going out of town with your babes Make sure they always have their favorite safari stuffed animals! Our carrier comes with a handleso you can bring it when traveling.
ADORABLE GIFT FOR BABIES - Attending a kiddie birthday party Give toddlers aged one and up a present that they'll enjoy! These cute animal toys come in a durable boxmaking them a perfect gift.

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Bundaloo Plush Jungle Animals Set Soft Plushies with Safari Truck Carrier Talking Stuffed Toys for Babies Kids and Toddlers Cute Mini Tiger Lion Monkey and Elephant with Realistic Sounds Stuffed Animals Teddy Bears Blue FdV6MCFrd

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