Struggling to find a toy that can help your toddler develop new skills

The toddler years are the years in a childs life when he becomes more aware of the world that surrounds him. It the time when he starts to become curious about everything he encounters. It is only practical that he plays with toys that will help him learn new things.

Gone are the stuffed animals that do very little but look adorable. Your child is growing up fastso what he needs is something that is not only fun and cute but also educational. This wayhe can develop new skills that he can use later on.

The Bundaloo Clapping and Singing Bear helps develop a toddlers fine and gross motor skills!

Clapping the hands and shaking the arms encourage movementwhich helps with a toddlers muscle development. When he moves along with this talking bearhe slowly develops motorbrainand sensory abilities.

Exposure to repetitive musiclike If Youre Happy and You Know Ithelps exercise a childs memory and recognition skills. It allows him to repeat melodiesenhancing his natural ability to decode words and sounds.

Music is a mood lifterwhich is why this singing and talking bear makes a great toy for toddlers. It can help raise the spiritmaking playtime something to look forward to. It also helps soothe your babyespecially before naptime.

Still not convinced Here are additional reasons to make you love this clapping and singing bear

  • Has 2 Modes"Play" "Sing"
  • Child Friendly and Easy to use
  • Stimulates the Brain
  • Keeps a Child Amused for Hours
  • Take It Anywhere

Encourage Fun Interactive Play While Learning to Develop Motor Skills and Behaviour Interaction with Your Little oneand Have the Most Fun with the Bundaloo Plush Clapping and singing Bear.

CUTE CUDDLY - Theres nothing more adorable than a clapping and singing bear. This soft animated animal is 11 inches tall and 6 inches widewhich is just the right size for hugging.
LET YOUR LITTLE ONE SING ALONG - Here is a singing stuffed animal that sings along with you. Squeeze the foot marked singand it will clap and sing If Youre Happy and You Know It!
FUN ENTERTAINING - Animated plush toys will surely delight your bundle of joy. Squeeze the foot marked playand our energetic bear will start clapping and shaking its hands.
INCREASES COORDINATION - Clapping and shaking allow the body and mind to work together. By involving movementthis singing animal toy will help develop your little ones motor skills.
UNIQUE TODDLER GIFT - Our clapping and singing toys are ideal for toddlers age 12 months and up. They are wonderful gifts for girls and boys celebrating their birthday or during the holidays.

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