Buckle Toys - Barkley Dog

Early Childhood Development Toy

Each Buckle Toy animal is uniquely designed with colorful primary bold colors to appeal to any child's early fascination with buckles. Toddlers will not only learn to 'SNAP' and "CLICK' but also develop and strengthen fine motor skillshand-eye coordinationproblem solvingand color recognition. Additionallymost Buckle Toys are decorated with embroidered numbersshapesand animals.

Perfect for Storing Surprises

The easy-glide zippers on Buckle Toys animals allow toddlers to learn how to open and close a zipperas well as providing an opportunity to teach them the difference between up and down and left and right. The large pocket hidden behind the zipper is an excellent place for children to store other small toys or moms to carry snacks with them during outings or trips.

On-the-Go Learning Entertainment

Barkley Dog measures 6" wide x 6" long x 11" high. This size is very convenient for toddler-sized hands to grasp and hug. Buckle Toys are perfect learning and educational solutions for moms on-the-go. Buckle Toys can easily be carried in a diaper baglarge purseor carry-on luggage. When at the parkgrocery store or just riding in a carBuckle Toys can also be easily strapped to a strollercar seathighchairor shopping cart.

BUCKLES - 5 child-friendly buckles in a variety of clasp styles

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Buckle Toy Barkley Dog Plush Animal Learning Toy Develop Fine Motor Skills Counting and Color Recognition Plush Figures Yellow G2Lfl3M9J

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