The Learning Lovey is a sensory tag blanket that brings security to kids. Inspired by Baby Jack who had an obsession for playing with ribbon tags. He would gravitate towards fidgeting with tags on blankets and toys. One nightJack got his finger intertwined in a looped ribbon while trying to fall asleep and I vowed to make a safer product for kids that brought comfortsafety and education. We are the only product available that SEWS THE RIBBON TAGS SHUT for added safety.

Care Directions Our unique Learning Loveys can be used in many ways. Your child can rub or tug on our ribbon tags or snuggle our incredibly soft Learning Loveys. To cleanremove toy link and machine wash in cold water. Tumble dry in low heat. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

We recommend air drying the 8x8 Crinkle Tag Square.

A Variety of Designs!

Modernfun and a variety of fabrics to choose from that all encourage sensory playdevelopment and comfort.

Textured ribbonsfabricsand crinkle paper that encourage tactile play
Helps children develop cognitivelysociallyand emotionally through sensory interaction
Ribbons are sewn shutso little fingers dont get stuck in the loops
Made with micro polyester that is paired with a minkyplush fleece textured backing that provides your child with comfort and security
Paired with a toy link that can clip onto strollerscar seatsor baby carriers for easy accessibility

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Baby Sensory Crinkle Teething Square Lovey Toy with Closed Ribbon Tags for Increased Stimulation 8X8 Airplanes Teethers Planes lwLOgNAez

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