These unicorns are softbrightly coloredand shiny. The bundle of three stuffed beanbag animals includes the adorable blueberry ripplea blue unicornjellyrolla pink unicornand Cake Popa confetti white unicorn. Their fur is randomly splashed with yellowpinkand blue confetti colors. Their manes and tails are super soft and fluffy. Their horns are a sparkly silver and their eyes are a glittery hard plastic. The soft polyester surface is hand-washable for long-lasting play. Measures 7" Long x 5" Tall. These little 7-inch soft plush animals are perfect for unicorn lovers from kids to adults. For ages 3 and up; high-quality hand washable polyester surface with durable stitching These mystical magical unicorns are great for pretend play and make great gifts and party favors These adorable unicorns have an oversized head and eyes just like baby animals domaking them even more irresistible. Because of their sizeCake PopBlueberry Rippleand Jelly Roll are perfect for everyday playand for taking with you on the go! With their fluffy mane and tailand adorable bluepinkand yellow confetti splashesThe Aurora Bright Fancies unicorns are the perfect stuffed animals for any boy and girl who is looking for a magical friend!

Includes 3 stuffed beanbag unicorns - Aqua Blueberry Ripple UnicornCotton Candy Pink Jelly Roll UnicornConfetti White Cake Pop Unicorn
Sparkly hornsbeanbag hoovesfluffy mane and tailsoft furand magically adorable!
Each measures 7" Long x 5" Tall - perfect for little hands!
The oversized head and glittery blue plastic eyes make Cake Pop the most adorable stuffed friend
Durable hand washable polyester surface; Great for travel! Light and easy to wash.

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Aurora Bundle of 3 Stuffed Beanbag Animals Blueberry Ripple Unicorn Jelly Roll Unicorn and Cake Pop Unicorn BluePinkWhite Multicolor Stuffed Animals Teddy Bears Multicolor ZBWRIiIgu

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