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Make a SlothiCorn or a three-headed UniLioTan! Animoodles also stick to magnetic surfaces like refrigeratorslockersand more. Animoodles each have 11 magnets safely embedded inside them. These magnets are stronger than regular refrigerator magnetsbut not too strong for a 3 year old to pull apart.

Animoodles have hidden magic magnets inside each of their softplushy parts. These magnets are stronger than most refrigerator magnets!

All Animoodles parts are fully interchangeableso you can mix and make hundreds of your own combos!

Even though theyre a building toyAnimoodles are great for cuddles and naptime. They are softplushand have no exposed magnets.

Our mission is to make quality plush toys children loveand to inspire the next generation of compassionate little makers around the world. Animoodles enable kids to see themselves as experimenters and buildersand to understand the value of our differences -- how our unique parts can come together to make something amazing!

Describe your product in 3 words.

Coolest Plush Ever!

How did you come up with the idea for this product

We're both lifelong makers pursuing our personal passions with Animoodles. Dan Holland has designed some of the most beloved children's characters as a character artist at a top animation studioand Marissa Louie has designed some of the most innovative technology experiences as an interaction designer in Silicon Valley. Animoodles were born when Marissa combined her childhood love of collecting stuffed animals with her family with Dans desire to make more aesthetically appealing and playful stuffed animals for his three kids. We envisioned stuffed animals coming apart and coming back togetherand hidden magnets were the magical answer!

What makes your product special

Animoodles are the only stuffed animal that can sitstand on all four legsposerotateand fully come apart. They contain some of the strongest commercially available (yet entirely safe) magnetsbut are still a cuddly stuffed animal. You can even stick the entire Animoodle onto a refrigerator thanks to the magnet on its back. Lastlywe designed each Animoodle character to be cute and appealing to wide range of ages and cultures around the world.

What has been the best part of your startup experience

We love seeing kids (and adults!) experience Animoodles for the first time! Theres an aha moment when they discover that Animoodles parts can all come off. We also have been grateful to donate a portion of proceeds from our sales to help save endangered species and wildlife.

Safety Information

Suitable for children ages 3-103

Iris unicorn is composed of 6 interchangeable magnetic plush parts headtorso2 armsand 2 legs
Made with 11 very strong Neodymium magnets with enough strength to rotate on all joints and stick to any magnetic object like refrigerator doors
Head swaps between a seated and on all fours position with magnet on back
Magnets are contained safely inside Three layers of material in each plush Part
Compatible with all Animoodles for mix and match fun
Made from high-qualitycuddly plush material; surface washable; Ages 3+100% new polyester fiber
7. 5" Height (19 cm)

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