* Material PP cotton and Soft Plushbot durable and environmental friendly
* WashingOnly dry-clean
* Package1 PCS
* It can be the perfect gift for your friendsfamilylovers and children

* Plush toys received may have some plush fallen phenomenonit is not the quality problem of the product itself.
* It's the floating hair during the production process though we had fix them before shipping out. Just use a soft brush to clean it will be fine.
* Plush toys in the transportation process may cause extrusion and lead internal filler unevenyou can just pat it will be recover the lovely shape

Commonly Asked Questions
Q How durable is it
A We thoroughly test our Alpacas to ensure they stand up to all conditions.
Q Will the fur hurt or irritate little baby skin
A Absolutely notthe doll is made of premium PP cotton with care and lovethey are tested to ensure it safety with children
Q Does it have a name
A Nobut we invite you and your loved ones to name itso that the child can name it themselves!

PLUSH ALPACA DESIGN Cartoon design with a little magical touch. This Stuffed Alpaca has the magic to make its owner fall in love with it immediately. Lifting up their mood and spirit at any time with a big hug. So comfortable and peaceful
QUALITY CUDDLES Known for our history of plush designs giftsour stuffed animal toys appeal to all ages from infants toddlers to adults. They're perfect for playcollecting cuddling.
Great gift for your child. This plush toy is not only children's toy but also a soul partner to themmoreover it's a very unique home decoration
SOFT MATERIAL Soft plush made of 100% pp cotton. This Stuffed Llama is 18 inch and made from high quality pp cottonso soft makes hugging it a joy to behold. Hand washable and wind dryit does not cause skin allergies even for baby under 1 year old
Your loved ones will be so happy to hug this Alpaca of Cuteness and Affection. Perfect gift for anyone who is 2-12 years old and aboveor adults who are staff animal lovers. It's great for birthday surpriseValentineany occasion of love and caringgeneral home decoration and furnishing

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18 Alpaca Plush Toy Llama Stuffed Animal Large Doll Plushie Hug Pillow Soft Fluffy Cushion Super Kawaii Gift for Birthday Girls and Lovers Washable White Plush Pillows White 1ZfpzE3EM

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